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Extra practice exam 4 - b How many pounds of sethoxydim...

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A farmer has an 80-acre field of sunflowers that is infested with wild oat. He wishes to treat the field with 0.4 pounds per acre of sethoxydim (active ingredient) at a spray volume of 12 gallons of spray solution per acre. The sethoxydim formulation he will be using (Poast Plus) contains 1.0 pounds of active ingredient per gallon. He will use a 150- gallon spray tank. a. How many acres will be treated with one tank of spray solution?
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Unformatted text preview: b. How many pounds of sethoxydim will be added to each tank? c. How many gallons of Poast Plus should be added to each tank? d. How many gallons of spray solution will be needed to treat the entire field? e. If the farmer substitutes Poast (1.5 lbs sethoxydim per gallon), how many gallons of Poast will be needed to treat the entire field?...
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