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Agroecosystems-F2011 - 2 What is the difference between a...

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Agroecosystems Chapter Review PLNT 1213 Name: ______________________ FALL 2011 CWID: ______________________ Seat number: _________________ Section: __________________ Read Chapter 2, pages 21-39. This assignment is not for a grade, but as a study aide for this section of the course. 1. Define the terms production system and agroecosystem.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is the difference between a monoculture and polyculture? 3. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of a monoculture and polyculture. 4. Briefly describe the concept of crop rotation (not just the definition). What is another name for this practice? 5. What is shifting cultivation? Where is it found?...
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