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Extra Credit: Give the following differences and at least 3 similarities between Monocotyledon plants and Dicotyledon plants. Due Friday, September 16 in Dropbox BEFORE class Monocots Dicots Similarities Grass or broadleaf? grass Vascular System: Scattered arrangement Leaf characteristics: Parallel venation, long narrow, appear from whorl Root characteristics: Fibrous, adventitious Emergence:
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Unformatted text preview: Hypogeal Flower Type: Spikelet, usually petals occur in 3s Cotyledons: 1 Grass or broadleaf? broadleaf Vascular System: Circular arrangement Leaf characteristics: Netted venation, wide set, appear from nodes Root characteristics: Taproot Emergence: Epigeal Flower Type: Multiples of 4s or 5s, legume flowers for some Cotyledons: 2 1. Any that made sense 2. 3. Name: KEY Section: Seat Number:...
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