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PS3 Necessary vs. Sufficient Exercise Define the dependent variable, the independent variable and whether it’s necessary, sufficient, necessary and sufficient, or neither. 1. You can’t have fire without oxygen. DV: Fire IV: Oxygen Necessary 2. You shouldn’t drink while drunk—don’t want to lose license. DV: Losing your license IV: Driving drunk Neither 3. Only women can get pregnant. DV: Pregnancy IV: Being a woman Necessary 4. Money is the root of evil. DV: Evil IV: Money Necessary 5. You are guaranteed a better night’s sleep on this new mattress or you get your money
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Unformatted text preview: back. DV: Better night’s sleep IV: New mattress Sufficient 6. If you go to all lectures, do all the assignments, complete all exams and finish all the readings, then you’ll pass this class. DV: Passing the class IV: Everything else Sufficient 7. Democracies never go to war with other democracies DV: No war IV: Another democracy Sufficient 8. If you pay FICA taxes & live long enough, you’ll receive Social Security & Medicare. DV: Receiving Social Security & Medicare IV: Paying FICA taxes & living long enough Both...
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