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Kudler requires a business information system that will be capable of supporting expansion to other geographic areas, website expansion, and refining or growing the catering section. Currently, the use of the Retail Enterprise Management System provides a limited operational support. (Apollo, 2011). Kudler’s current systems provide basic operational functionality but do not support its growth strategies. Some changes that should be implemented for Kudler Fine Food could include an automated ordering system. Having an automated ordering system could increase the accuracy of orders and the timeliness that the orders are processed and shipped. Managing transactions will
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Unformatted text preview: be more accurate and easier to account for with an automated system. Automated systems will help balance all three stores that Kathy Kudler created. Using the automated systems will also help differentiate the merchandise sold on the website versus through the actual store. Application of a compatible payroll system will integrate payroll with Kudler’s general accounting system, which will help better manage labor expenses. Implementing these recommended changes will improve Kudler’s performance....
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