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randis part 4 - disclosed There are cases where the errors...

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There are possibilities for computer audits to have aspects that are unreliable. When planning for the IT audit, there has to be the thought and planning for what may negatively happen or what could possibly go wrong. With proper procedures then the auditors may be able to keep the risks to a minimum. If the auditors do not know the business processes of Kudler, or any other company, then the issues may not be found. Fraud has been an increasing problem with businesses, ranging from small schemes to Bernie Madoff. If fraud has been detected or not even detected yet, audits cannot be reliable. Any sort of manipulation to a computer system or auditing can affect how all the information is
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Unformatted text preview: disclosed. There are cases where the errors are accidental, but can still affect the computer audit. Accidental errors can include inputting information incorrectly, reading information incorrectly, or incorrect information being handed to the auditor. Despite all the possibilities of unreliability for computer audits, the auditor must take all necessary actions to ensure the audit is reliable and if the information is not reliable, actions must be taken to correct the audit. References Bagranoff, N.A., Simkin, M.G., & Strand Norman, C. (2008). Core concepts of accounting information systems (10th ed). New York: Wiley & Sons....
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