week 6 final paper

week 6 final paper - System Integrity and Validation System...

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System Integrity and Validation System Integrity and Validation Randi Padavano ACC 542 May 23, 2011 Christy Countryman Kudler Recommendation Recommendations for Kudler Fine Foods would include new accounting software to handle the everyday sales, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. Kudler could also use improvement in the general ledger functions. The gourmet food store must consider ways of properly auditing the transactions to guarantee that all the information and data are reliable, as well as accurate. Incorrect or unreliable information will lead to inaccurate financial statements. Audit software can help management with organizing transactions. Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT) software provides the auditors for Kudler Fine Foods the ability to identify data inconsistencies, as well as many other aspects. If Kudler uses CAATs then the company can detect errors in the system and help to prevent any fraudulent
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System Integrity and Validation transactions before happening. Audit modules provide auditing techniques that ensure the reliability and timeliness of Kudler’s financial information. Kudler Fine Foods System Integrity and Validation Integrity and the use of CAAT need to be addressed. The following will express: how CAAT will be used to validate data and system integrity, how the functions of audit productivity software, and provide details on how audit productivity software may be used. CAATs used to Validate Data and System Integrity Computer assisted auditing techniques tend to be an auditors first choice. CAATs allow auditors to use software applications, look for trends within the data, and identify areas where fraud may be found, as well as detect fraudulent information (Hunton, Bryant, & Bagranoff, 2004). CAATs are valuable to auditors when testing or validating computer applications because they can determine if codes have been accessed illegally. The execution of CAATs will increase efficiency and the effectiveness of both internal and external audits. This will allow auditors to examine all of the financial data. If audits were conducted manually then an auditor would not be
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week 6 final paper - System Integrity and Validation System...

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