Lecture 14 - Lecture 14- Great Neighborhoods Stop, Look,...

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Lecture 14- Great Neighborhoods Stop, Look, and Listen: The best way to improve a place is to pay close attention to how people use it Make the Most of What You’ve Got: Public spaces are more than the sum of their parts. Little things can add up to a great place Triangulation- the way elements in a public space build on one another, creating something more than the sum of its parts Power of Ten- there are at least ten things you can do in a particular spot Offer People a Place to Sit: Any gathering spot will become more lively if folks have a comfortable spot to relax Key ingredient of lively, safe, fun neighborhoods is public spaces where people will spontaneously gather Give everyone a spot where they can sit down. A bench or chairs can transform a lonely space into a lively place More than a shopping mall Intention of turning a shopping mall into a community gathering place Commons hosts a variety of community events Has become a much-loved gathering place for the whole community Making Paradise out of a parking spot Best way to use a parking place is to create much-needed public space Group of activists known as Rebar brought a new meaning to the word “park” by constructing a temporary green space complete with grass, a shade tree, and a bench Project “PARK(ing)” demonstrated how space for storing private vehicles such as parking spots can be altered to serve a more human purpose Hopes the unusual sight of a parking spot transformed into a small public park will encourage people to question how public space is apportioned between cars and people Think Small for Big Results: Remarkable things happen when you plant a patch of petunias Flowers can brighten up any place Presence of petunias or any other bloom reassures passersby that someone is
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Lecture 14 - Lecture 14- Great Neighborhoods Stop, Look,...

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