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Lecture 18 - Lecture 18 Urban Green Experts say a city...

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Lecture 18- Urban Green Experts say a city should have 10 acres of parkland for every 1,000 persons; 1 mile of multiuse trail for every 8,000 persons; ten to fifteen picnic tables per acre, one acre of water for every four sailboats Amount of parkland that cities did have and the amount that they should have had bore no relation to each other Benefits of parks- promoting weight loss and healthy living, adding beauty, strengthening the urban core, limiting suburban sprawl, protecting the environment, fighting global warming Only way to strengthen an urban park system is to strengthen the political constituency promoting it Other challenge to figuring out the “correct” number of acres is the wide range of densities and forms of cities and the many different ways that Americans live on the land High-density living provides the opportunity for frequent positive human interaction, both planned and unplanned; also provides the potential for conflicts around noise,
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