Lecture 20 - Lecture 20- Insurgent Public Space Claiming...

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Lecture 20- Insurgent Public Space Claiming Latino Space Latinos are the largest minority group in the US, over 40 million members (14% of population) Adaptive, assertive, and negotiative spaces discuss different ways Latinos make group claims in a city Adaptive spaces consists of those environments that are appropriated for everyday use including vacant properties, streets, and parking lots Assertive space emerges when space is politicized to challenge dominant symbols and codes; assertive spaces express an insurgent identity, especially when minority group claims are not represented Negotiative spaces represent the leading edge of cultural interchange in the public realm These types of spaces have implications for the planning and design of urban space and how spatial production can contribute to a process of affirming cultural identity and raising group consciousness Latino urbanism: space, agency, and cultural insurgency What makes public space distinctly Latino are the social and cultural norms that manifest in patterns of use, spatial practice, and material characteristics that derive from a particular history, time, and place Adaptive space of everyday urbanism Adaptive spaces are unclaimed environments that are appropriated for economic and social uses Often perceived as indicators of decay and abandonment; however, also appropriated for spontaneous, improvisational, and creative uses “in-between” spaces that delineate a threshold between the public and private realms of individual households and residential streets, restaurants, and sidewalks Other instances include vernacular landscapes and the use of streets, open spaces, and buildings for social purposes Casita provides a space to share a “common sense” of territorial identity with a homeland other than the one that is currently being inhabited Social processes that drive the use and making of these spaces are many, and emerge out of the particular histories of (im)migrant and dispora groups Assertive spaces of insurgent citizenship
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Lecture 20 - Lecture 20- Insurgent Public Space Claiming...

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