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Lecture 26 - nevertheless you change the landscape •...

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Lecture 26- Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park Lassus divided the entire area into four zones in his competition design o Zone A- neighbourhood parks o Zone B- industrial history o Zone C- reconstruct the Emscher river landscape in pre-industrial times; give visitors a sense of landscape history o Zone D- research zone; labs and research gardens for conducting forward- looking science Latz defines design as the concrete influencing of the intelligibility of information layers Principle of minimal intervention- the place is not altered physically in any way, and
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Unformatted text preview: nevertheless, you change the landscape • Linear structures of the rail park are another individual park system o Railway embankments represented obstacles in the site and sight barriers that were difficult for outsiders to overcome o Now possible to experience the view over the landscape from these earth masses, and is easy to access the adjacent urban districts • “rail harp”- intermeshing of railway tracks where every second track leads downwards and the ones in between lead upwards...
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