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January 7 th , 2008 Humanities week 1 lecture 1 Office hours Room 4441 office or at the Grove cafe M 11am – 12am W, F 9am – 9:45am Michael Caldwell (in charge of the writing) 184 Galbraith 4-3885 office hours: wed 3 – 5 and by appointment Course pack: W. 1/9 early history of the bible -Genesis 1-27 -Course pack: “outline of the bible’s historical books” [Finish before coming into class Wednesday] Write an outline, summary of text (1-2 pages) Syllabus 50% of grade based on writing 10% of grade from section 45% of grade final exam First writing assignment is corrected but not graded
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Unformatted text preview: Every writing assignment must be turned in • Late assignments will be graded down • Attendance at lectures and sections are required • Bring your books to section • Weekly quiz and short writing assignments in section Final: • Friday 3/21 8am – 11am • Short identifications, 4 – 5 sentences. Hint: headings that show up in the overhead/course pack • Longer essay questions, on topics spoken on more than once in lecture *Lectures don’t necessarily summarize the readings and may include material from texts not read. Lectures merely provide background for readings...
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