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RH 101 Notes 9-21-10 - Serving in Florida Managers sole job...

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Serving in Florida Manager’s sole job is to make sure money comes in rather than servers or cooks are there to provide and prepare a good meal. Managers can sit down while they make sure no one else does. If they catch you idling at all, they will give you a worse task to handle. When caught looking at the newspaper, she was assigned to vacuum the entire floor on her knees. Corporate threatens to take the break room away. Because someone on the night shift was using drugs, a random drug test may or may not be administered. Finding affordable housing is the make or break topic on a low income. Starting conditions are everything, apartments are expensive. Health is also a great concern, medicine is very expensive. She gets a job at a better hotel, once again a server because she speaks English. The kitchen is dirty; there are no break rooms, a living hell. At a new job, it’s hard to get accepted into the group.
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