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RH 101 Notes - • Once people become poor its even harder to escape poverty • Because poor kids don’t have jobs doesn’t mean they are lazy

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Middle of the Class American Idol and Apprentice have been the top shows. Shows that anything is possible if you work hard enough. Class is reappearing in a new form. If America was a ladder, the rungs have moved apart. America’s average salary has risen over the past 30 years. 80% think you can start poor and become rich. Most people think they are doing better than their parents, and their children will do better than them. The middle class is being squeezed, the haves and the have not’s. People used to be able to work up in a company, now it’s gotten harder. Those educated move up, those who are not stay low. Being poor and getting into an Ivy League school is a hard task. The elite are the main contributors to the ivy. Those who go to college marry college partners, wait to have babies, and get a higher income. The key to upward mobility is education. The government needs to realize there is a problem, rather than ignoring it. The War Against the Poor Instead of Programs to End Poverty
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Unformatted text preview: • Once people become poor, its even harder to escape poverty. • Because poor kids don’t have jobs, doesn’t mean they are lazy. • Those on welfare become scapegoats. • Once someone who is poor gets a job, they are seen as deserving. • We need an updated New Deal • A universal income grant program is also needed. • Some poor people feel that they don’t need any responsibility until society treats them like they do. • Being poor often gives little choices. • Blacks have to face the idea that they are undesirable. • Blacks have to compete with immigrants. • There are many class stereotypes. • Blaming the poor does not make the situation any better. • The people who feel most threatened are people from the middle class. • Political candidates are ignoring poverty, and no one is addressing the situation at hand. • America will not be a decent place to live if people don’t take action....
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