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Pat Herlihy Jennifer and Rachel Jennifer doesn’t want to get married. Yet, she wants a child. Cloning is illegal in the United States, so she goes to Cayman Islands. She gets herself cloned and her new child is her clone. Her child is “special” and they look identical. Jennifer’s parents are also the childs parents. Daniel states that its removing the right to a unique identity. However, nature creates twins every day. Cloning allows you to see what you will look like in the future, and what future conditions you can expect. But, you can use genetic testing today to see the same. Clones can and will follow a different path than their hosts. Some say it will harm society, yet the only thing identical is genetics.
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Unformatted text preview: • Where one place bans cloning, another will accept and allow it. • But, people can use your dna for cloning without your consent • DNA can be stolen, and then sold without consent. Narcissus Cloned • Human cloning violates the respect for the life of each human being. • Gender, height, ect are made at conception, rather than a clones. • Conceptive history changes intelligence and emotion • Embryos are created the destroyed for testing • Cloning undermines social diversity. • A family cant benefit from a hall of mirrors. • The reduction of human diversity is troubling for the future. • It undermines the integrity of human love. • Cloning the Pandora box....
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