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Crossing Lines: A Secular Argument Against Research Cloning One cell contains the DNA to build your whole body Cloning is possible in humans, but should it be allowed? Reproductive Cloning: Cloning a person for the purpose of having a baby Research Cloning: Cloning in order to clone livers and such as replacement parts July 31 st 2001, Bill passed the house outlawing all cloning A tissue cell gets injected into a donor egg The cell then thinks its back in the 1 st state, and starts to multiply The main objective is to create kidneys and cure disease Research cloning is an open door to reproductive cloning Some people believe that a single cell should be treated as a person However, the embryo should be entitled to something in order to avoid a ruthless utilitarianism Our knowledge of how to manipulate human genetics is primitive Scientists have been able to create headless animals A headless human will allow us to use the organs, but also allow it to not be human
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