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RH 101 Notes 10-19-10

RH 101 Notes 10-19-10 - Pat Herlihy DCs Virtual Panopticon...

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Pat Herlihy DC’s Virtual Panopticon Police have begun to install CCTV cameras citywide, a first in the nation Approval rating of 60 to 80 percent for increased surveillance of streets Community extensions will be put in place next The system can be used to track cars, people, or do just about anything Some might even be equipped with night vision Facial recognition software can also be installed if needed Since 9/11, Metro has received $49 million in federal anti-terrorist funding Details of the surveillance plan remain a mystery People want to know who would monitor the video CCTV cameras have been used in Detroit to stalk personal foes, political opponents, and young women Police guidelines are frequently violated and can always be changed If allowed in DC, then other cities would follow the technique Many people say that this ability is politically chilling
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