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RH 101 Notes 11-9-10 - • Greedy managers exploit young...

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Pat Herlihy Rock as Art Rock is eating its young Yet to win respect that it deserves Where rock goes, democracy follows Foundations, corporations, and agencies should take rock music as seriously as sculptors or composers Colleges should designate special scholarships for rock music Rock is a victim of its own success In the 60’s rock became the dominant music form of America “New” material is stressed The concert experience has degenerated The scene has changed to focus on the partying in the audience Managers offer all kinds of temptations Artists should immerse themselves in art Long productive careers don’t happen by chance Romanticizing Rock Music Most consider rap as popular art rather than fine art Attempt to bring rock music into the domains of art Rock fell victim to capitalism Market forces corrupted rock Concerts are rehearsed and have no room for artists being spontaneous
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Unformatted text preview: • Greedy managers exploit young artists • They milk them in return for wealth, sex, and drugs • Divorce rock from the marketplace • Not all are corrupted however • A lot want to throw in the towel, but the idea of fame keeps them playing • The artist-audience bond has been severed • If rock purged its economic reliance, it would finally be recognized • No reason to regard rock as an expression of Western Romanticism • Link between rock and folk music • “Don’t become a slave to the audience” • Wants rock musicians to trade riches for artistic patronage • But are riches always the death of rock music? • Most rock music will remain what it is anyway • Split rock into two camps • One will carry on as before, and the other will receive grants • There is also unfairness to the system • Romanticism is a poor model for understanding rock music...
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