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RH 101 Notes 11-16-10

RH 101 Notes 11-16-10 - • Intensify our experience of the...

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Pat Herlihy Toward an Aesthetic of Popular Music Popular music is taken to be good only for sociological theory Different task according to the music we are treating The patterns can be explained sociologically Technique and technology Link between sounds and social groups remain unclear Describes the power that enables certain musicians to drive something individually obdurate through the system Rock criticism meets up with “serious” musicology How does it construct the people Creates our understanding of what popularity is Pop music does play a role in the way popular culture works We absorb songs into our own lives We use pop music to give ourselves self-definition Experienced directly Music works to put people into an identity Shape popular memory, organize our sense of time
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Unformatted text preview: • Intensify our experience of the present • Key to remembrance of the past • Trigger associated memories • People use music less and less as they grow up • Popular music is something possessed • We make it part of our own identity • If we believe we possess our music, we also feel that we are possessed by it • Has an increase on the focus of the voice • Use voices to speak directly to us • Pop music is wide open for the development of a proper genre analysis • How popular music genres should be defined • To know how to listen to pop music is to know how to define it • There is no way to escape these associations • The last 50 years pop music has helped us define and understand ourselves • The impact is what we first need to understand...
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