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SS 101 9-9-10

SS 101 9-9-10 - SS 101 9/9 Notes Topic Macrosociology and...

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SS 101 9/9 Notes : Topic: Macrosociology and the Sociological Imagination 1. Perspectives in Macrosociology a. Structural-Functionalism a.i. Society’s look the way they do, because they have structures in them that perform functions. a.i.1. Interdependency and the Social “Body” a.i.2. Durkheim and “Solidarity” a.i.2.a. Organic v. Mechanical a.i.2.b. Society will tend toward an equilibrium a.i.2.c. A major change such as a natural disaster will disrupt this equilibrium and change the society. a.i.3. Equilibrium vs. Social Change a.ii. Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) a.ii.1. As a society gets more complex, its gains a more division of layers. b. Conflict Theory b.i. Why do society’s look the way they do b.i.1. Conflicting Interests b.i.1.a. The outcome of the conflict shape what the society
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