SS 101 9-29-10

SS 101 9-29-10 - A Its Gods will(or “our way” B The...

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Social Stratification Structured Inequality in Society I. What is social stratification? A. Has to do with social ranking. B. People in higher ranks have more prestige. II. What criteria have been used for ranking? A. Male / Female Men outrank women generally. B. Old / Young Old people outrank young people. Young people should take advice and direction from old people. C. Free / Not Free Slavery D. Majority / Minority E. “Hetter” Race / “Inferior” Race F. Max Weher’s Criteria 3 Criteria F..1. Power F..2. Wealth F..3. Prestige o Ascribed Status Is yours because of who you are o Achieved Status Is yours because of what you have achieved III. What systems of stratification have existed? A. Informal and minimal Age and gender B. Formal: slavery, caste, estate, class Closed, born and is where they stayed Nothing is completely closed Unusual to move up / down IV. How have societies explained social stratification?
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Unformatted text preview: A. Its Gods will (or “our way”) B. The cream rises to the top • Some people work harder than others, some people are smarter. • You should have more if you give more. C. Its nature’s way • Sociobiology C..1. Explains human behavior in genetic terms. • Social Darwinism (B + C) D. Is what gets society’s work done (Structural-functionalism) • Are in the US in the 20 th century. • Social mobility is possible. • Market that mediates outcomes. • People rise and fall in accordance. V. How does social stratification operate in the USA? A. Perception and reality • Two propositions • Jefferson’s ideal versus “just rewards” • The universal middle class B. By the numbers • Wealth = Total net worth C. Social stratification and “life chances” • The paradox of inheritance...
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SS 101 9-29-10 - A Its Gods will(or “our way” B The...

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