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SS 101 10-7-10 - A.3 Give the impression of free voting but...

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SS 101 10/7/10 I. Rational-Legal Authority and the State A. French Revolutionary Legacy B. “Government of Laws, not of Men” B.1. Set up by rules B.2. Not traditional authority such as custom and is handed down from families B.3. Power than can be questioned and limited B.4. Men will fill the offices B.5. Offices are important, rather than the man C. Separation of Powers C.1. Checks and balances C.2. Put limits on state power as well C.3. Can the people govern themselves? D. An informed Public II. Concentrated Power: One-Party States A. Authoritarian Regimes A.1. One party states who control the political system A.2. But they don’t try to dominate the citizen lives
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Unformatted text preview: A.3. Give the impression of free voting, but they are rigged B. Ideology and Totalitarian Regimes B.1. One party dictatorship B.2. Try to control the lives of the people B.3. Arts, entertainment, technology, ect B.4. All are controlled B.5. Stalin and Hitler C. Propaganda and Information Control III. Information and Contemporary Democracy A. Government Secrecy A.1. Transparency v Secrecy A.2. B. Mass Media B.1. Objectivity? Bias? • Journalism B.1. .a. Present the news straightforward B.2. Content (“horse races”) • Concentrate on the horse race, rather than the issues B.3. Tone IV. The “REAL TRUTH”...
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