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SS 101 10-28-10 - F Nationalism and Anti-Semitism F.1...

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Biological Determinism in Ideas about Race, Gender, and Orientation I. Character, Race, and 19 th Century Determinism A. Phrenology A.1. Measuring and Examining Heads! A.2. By studying the bumps on someone’s head, you can find out their personality B. Social Darwinism B.1. Survival of the Fittest C. Scientific Racism C.1. Example – Karl Pearson (1857 – 1936) D. Racism and Imperialism E. Nationalism and pure “blood” E.1. It was the purity of the blood that made them superior
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Unformatted text preview: F. Nationalism and Anti-Semitism F.1. Example: H.S. Chamberlain G. Social Construction of Race: Did the Irish become “White” II. The Binary Gender Opposition A. Reason vs. Emotion B. Separate Sphere Ideology C. Ideals vs. Real-world Gender Complexity III. Sexual Orientation A. Heteronormativity B. Biological Imperatives – Orientation? Procreation? C. The Marriage Debate IV. Categorization vs. Human Freedom...
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