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SS 101 11-3-10

SS 101 11-3-10 - d.iv Ideology d.v Behavioral norms II How...

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I. What is culture a. Anthropology and the study of culture a.i. We don’t see the world the way we do without culture b. Definition of culture c. The “outsider insider” problem c.i. Only two people can study culture c.ii. The people born into it, and the people outside who are from a different culture d. Values, beliefs, and ethos d.i. Ethos d.ii. Religion and morality d.iii. Symbols, language, and aesthetics
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Unformatted text preview: d.iv. Ideology d.v. Behavioral norms II. How does this connect with the material world? a. Solutions to the economic problem b. Ethos and Economy: 2 views b.i. Idealism – The ethos drives the economy b.ii. Economic Determinism – The economy drives the entire culture III. Outsiders vs. insiders: Can we step outside of our culture-bound selves? a....
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