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SS 101 Disc 9-30-10

SS 101 Disc 9-30-10 - • Davis Moore Structural Functional...

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SS 101 Discussion 9/30/10 I. Stratification Open: People can move up and down, social mobility. Closed: None or very little social mobility. Four Types 1. Slavery 2. Caste 3. Estate (Feudalism) 4. Class o More open o Achieved status (vs. Ascribed) o Economic Factors II. Why do we have Stratification?
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Unformatted text preview: • Davis / Moore Structural Functional 1. Prestige, Lawyer, Doctor Marx 1. Classes are in conflict 2. Based on ownership of the means of production 3. Exploits Weber 1. Wealth, status, and power as factors...
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