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SS 101 Disc 10-14-10 - • Democracy will not produce good...

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SS 101 Discussion 10/14/10 Weber o “Iron Cage” o Bureaucracy Rules Hierarchy Structure -> Tasks, Information Agency Enterprise Set up to rationalize authority, and reflect specialization Keeps files, rational, practical, yet to the workers; no fun Kaplan o Democracy? He thinks democracy is just a moment Its troubled, far from final, something new will overtake democracy Might be replaced by authoritarianism regimes or hybrid regimes Democracies are value neutral
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Unformatted text preview: • Democracy will not produce good or bad leaders • Democracy only works when gained organically rather than forced Facing a new authoritarianism World government • Corporations are getting so powerful, they are starting to become a government Shrinking domain of politics • Communities are fending for themselves • Gated communities, private security forces, etc. Possible rise of umpire regimes Possible return of oligarchy...
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