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SS 101 Disc 10-28-10 - o Income Segregation o Symbolic...

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SS 101 Discussion 10/28/10 Politics and Economics o Revenue Taxes Fees Borrowing Reich – Secession of the Successful o Arguing that something is happening in the US that is changing the relationship between communities. o Changing for the worse o Charity? The wealthy are not donating any money to the less fortunate Playgrounds and public areas are degrading because of no funding Huge donations are often to charities that serve rich people It recycles the money through the wealthy aka the fortunate fifth
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Unformatted text preview: o Income Segregation o Symbolic Analysts People who work with information Lawyers, software engineers, corporate execs, movie workers, etc. The rich get richer Public infrastructure is in bad shape There are rich private schools, and terrible and poor public schools • Gender Equality o Opportunities o Equal treatment o Gender roles o Influence of gender o Do women reshape that role...
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