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HU 102 Tutorial - Not going to last Influences before hand...

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HU 102 Stein- Very close with picaso Called the little napoleon Prose is confusing If you are in the moment, you are you Work of art in the long run is a thing in itself Entity – Totally self sufficient Identity – Exists because we understand it in context like history, biography, time and earlier influences Diachronic - linear understanding of history A masterpiece doesn’t need context The mind is somewhat divine, unimpressionable. Greek translation – TS Elliot If you are aware that there is an audience, you are not you When you write a letter, you are writing it so someone can read it Once you are out of the moment of pure invention, its no longer and entity Steins portraits are on the exam A masterpiece is never clear to everyone Pages o 10 o 12 o 11 o 104 Elliot – When you criticize the work, you criticize the work Same thing stein says When you judge it, you move away from the traditional framework Labor at tradition
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Unformatted text preview: Not going to last Influences before hand Pages o 6,7 Modernist vs. Post Modern Post dismisses Modernists think anomie, hollowness Post sees the world emptier Death of god, holocaust, forces man is up against Nothing is believable No stable truth Post thinks there is no absolute meaning Everything is just a matter of trade and sale Imagism Dolittle poem Orchard Short lived No definite starting or ending point Anti-romantic Rejecting the idea that it is expressing personal experience No overflowing, overpowering, lengthy, descriptive metaphors No big moral lesson, didactic or sentimental narrative Compressed, compact in both form and word choice Free verse, vers libre Hard dry image Art for art sake, entity, thing in itself Ironizing the whole classical tradition Soujourner Truth Carlyle Susie Asado Cubism...
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HU 102 Tutorial - Not going to last Influences before hand...

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