SS 102 Lecture 2-9-11

SS 102 Lecture 2-9-11 - SS 102 Lecture 2/9/11 The...

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SS 102 Lecture 2/9/11 The Industrial Revolution I. Definition a. Transformation of the way things are produced II. Origin in Britain a. Political and Economic Conditions a.i. Political Stability a.ii. Economic system that enabled growth a.iii. Banking, Credit, Market Economy b. Intellectual Conditions b.i. Open to idea of innovation b.ii. Specific organizations for innovations c. Geographic Conditions c.i. Island nation c.ii. Ship building, good ports, transportation was not difficult c.iii. Transportation in and out of country was easy c.iv. No deserts, or anything that prevents travel d. The Agricultural Revolution and Population Growth d.i. New techniques of agriculture d.ii. New equipment such as the sea drill d.iii. More efficient d.iv. Increase in population because more food was available d.v. Labor is a key factor to production Excess pop created a strong labor force d.vii. Also created a mobile labor force d.viii. Moved laborers off land for more mobility III. The Nature of the Revolution a. Coal and Iron a.i. Crucial a.ii. Coal fueled revolution same with coke a.iii. Iron was used to build the structures a.iv. Iron transformed into steal and alloys a.v. Deposits of both, mining became more important b. Mechanization b.i. Production by machines b.ii. Biggest difference before and after, they didn’t have access to machines before b.iii. James Watt’s Steam Engine b.iii.1. Use the power of steam to multiple the power available for
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SS 102 Lecture 2-9-11 - SS 102 Lecture 2/9/11 The...

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