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1. Roots of the American Revolution a. American Identity a.i. First Great Awakening (1730s – 40s) a.i.1. Solidifying moment for the American identity a.i.2. Sense of a separate identity rather than Britain a.i.3. Gradual process a.i.4. New world was better than the old world a.i.5. Less class separation b. Economic Developments b.i. More land, more farmers c. Changes in British Colonial Policy c.i. Saw colonies as too expensive c.ii. Americans saw increased taxation as a problem c.iii. Forced to shelter troops c.iv. Government believed that parliament represented the colonies c.v. Colonies didn’t send actual representatives All of this started to build anger and resentment toward Britain 2. Creating a New Nation a. Articles of Confederation (1781) a.i. Colonies were brought together under a loose government
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Unformatted text preview: a.ii. Weak central gov b. New Constitution (1787 – 9) b.i. Compromise and Balance b.i.1. Stable but functional gov b.i.2. Stronger central gov b.i.3. States still have power, though limited but reserveds b.ii. Separation of Powers 3. Evaluating the Revolution a. Conservative? Radical? a.i. Enlightenment ideals and put them into practice a.ii. Challenged a strong government, a super power b. Race, People, and Property b.i. Didn’t overturn society, rich stayed rich, society stayed in tact c. A War for Independence 4. Comparing The French and American Revolution a. Political Revolution – Enlightenment Ideals b. Social Revolution in France b.i. The Rise of Class Politics b.ii. Overthrowing the Ancien Regime and Privilege c. Legacies...
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