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SS 102 Team Lecture 2-10-11

SS 102 Team Lecture 2-10-11 - SS 102 Team Lecture The...

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SS 102 Team Lecture 2/10/11 The Industrial Revolution: Further Impact I. Economic Factors a. Comparative Advantage a.i. Those mechanized first had the advantage a.ii. Speed and scale came into play a.iii. Britain as a nation had advantage over every other nation a.iv. Machine production and factory system spread throughout country a.v. Caused Britain to de-industrialize and put out of business other nations and markets, because they sell good cheaper and make them faster b. De-Industrialization b.i. India, traditional cloth and clothing industry went out of business b.ii. Britain became a world leader with the sale and production of goods b.iii. Britain is competing with other nations, US, Germany, catch up b.iv. Europe in general has an advantage because industrialization came first b.v. Europe’s ability to colonize the world was due to this c. Foreign Investment c.i. Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism c.ii. European nations looked outside of borders for more profit c.iii.
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