SS 102 Team Lecture 3-24-11

SS 102 Team Lecture 3-24-11 - a German Empire b Russian...

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SS 102 Team Lecture 3/24/11 I. A Century of “Progress” a. Industry b. Nationalism b.i. Created new nation states b.ii. Seen by many as the social glue b.iii. Foundation which great states could be built b.iv. Most successful and industrious in Europe c. Empire Building d. Western “Civilization” d.i. Great value d.ii. More powerful and wealthier than outside world than ever before d.iii. Culture was believed to be superior d.iv. Solid foundation of religion, economy, and nationalism e. Bourgeois Values II. 1914 to 1918 The Great Irony a. Mechanization of War a.i. Machine gun, cars, tanks b. Death from Above b.i. Airplane was first used for recon b.ii. Then used for combat c. Gas and Fire d. Case in Point: Monitor (Civil War) vs. Dreadnought(WW1) e. Glory vs. Grim Reality e.i. Thought war was going to be quick e.ii. 4 years of slaughter f. The Summer in Perspective III. Fall of Eagles
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Unformatted text preview: a. German Empire b. Russian Empire b.i. Czars have been replaced by revolution b.ii. First every community inspired revolution b.iii. War crippled country making revolution easier c. Ottoman Empire c.i. Fell c.ii. Went into war already crumbling c.iii. Defeat meant it was broken up d. Austere-Hungarian Empire IV. Wilsons 14 Points a. Open Diplomacy a.i. Rather than secret treaties, open diplomacy b. Free Trade b.i. Economic barriers should be brought down c. Arms Reduction d. Self-Determination d.i. People should be allowed to have their own nation d.ii. Sounds good in theory d.iii. Difficult in practice e. League of Nations e.i. First go at something like the UN e.ii. Failed e.iii. Work things out with diplomacy V. What comes Next? a. Europe b. Seeds of Trouble in the Middle East...
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SS 102 Team Lecture 3-24-11 - a German Empire b Russian...

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