SS 102 Team Lecture 3-31-11

SS 102 Team Lecture 3-31-11 - d.viii K Schwitters(1887 –...

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SS 102 Team Lecture 3/31/11 I. Post-War Cultural Despair a. Did Modernization lead to Madness? b. Freuds Discontent c. Modernism c.i. Emerged late 19 th century c.ii. Revival of romantic c.iii. Question traditional forms of art, literature, and language c.iv. Redefine culture c.v. Accelerated after WWI d. Dada d.i. Word that doesn’t mean anything d.ii. Founded during WWI in Zurich d.iii. Anti-War movement d.iv. Grew from anti-war to questioning Europe society d.v. Shows up in painting, sculpture, literature Says that life is meaningless d.vii. Says that culture doesn’t make sense, life isn’t rational
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Unformatted text preview: d.viii. K. Schwitters (1887 – 1948) & Merz II. The Changing Political Scene a. Europe – New Nation States a.i. Old empires have broken down b. The Middle East – Mandate System c. US – Isolation d. The Rise of the USSR e. Japan – A Rising Nationalist / Militarist Power f. China – The May Fourth Movement and Warlordism III. Conclusions and Questions a. Capitalism? b. Democracy? c. Nationalism? d. Imperialism? e. Soviet-Style Revolution?...
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