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SS102 Team Lect 1 - 20 - 11 - a Cromwell and Parliamentary...

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Aspects of the Modernization of Economics and Politics cir. 15 th -17 th Centuries I. Commercial Development a. Trade and Specialization a.i. Very few parts of Europe who are economically self-sufficient b. Banking and Financial Institution c. Investment and Economic Growth d. Production – early capitalist enterprise d.i. Creates a merchant based economy d.ii. The putting out system II. Government Sponsorship a. Command replacing Tradition b. Mercantilism c. Bullionism c.i. Wealth can be measured by precious metals d. “Fixed Pie” d.i. Fixed amount of wealth e. Colonialism III. The English Civil War and Interregnum
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Unformatted text preview: a. Cromwell and Parliamentary Rule b. Decline into Puritan Dictatorship IV. Toward Constitutional Monarchy a. Restoration b. James II – Crisis 1688 c. The Glorious Revolution d. William and Mary and Protestant Victory e. The Settlement and Bill of Rights Assignment : What were the strengths / weaknesses of Mercantilism? How did early capitalism develop? What is the connection between our views of human nature and our views of political philosophy? What was Hobbes view of human nature? What about Locke? Was Hobbes right? Or was Locke?...
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