A number of changes in Gandhi

A number of changes in Gandhi - A number of changes in...

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Unformatted text preview: A number of changes in Gandhi's personal life soon impacted his growing celebrity. The first was his achievement of Brahmacharya , or the voluntary abstention from sexual relations. This was not an uncommon Hindu practice among men in their forties and fifties, who gradually cease sexual activity once they have had enough children to satisfy the demands of custom, family and caste, but Gandhi adopted the practice between 1901 and 1906, when he was in his thirties. He seems to have regarded it as part of his quest for selflessness and restraint in all aspects of life; in his writings, he suggests that as a young man he succumbed too easily to lust, and recounts how he failed to be with his father when he died because he was making love to his wife, a lapse of duty for which he never forgave himself. Whether or not Gandhi's decision was lapse of duty for which he never forgave himself....
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