After this disappointment

After this disappointment - After this disappointment Freud...

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Unformatted text preview: After this disappointment, Freud continued his research with cocaine, eventually publishing two more papers. The first one was slightly more subdued in its praise than "Über Coca" had been, and the third one was even more skeptical. Freud frequently used cocaine himself to deal with minor aches and pains, and he recommended it enthusiastically to friends and acquaintances, even going sending Martha Bernays samples of the drug for her own use. His enthusiasm for cocaine was sharply curtailed, however, by an ugly incident in 1885 in which he tried to treat a friend's morphine addiction by giving him cocaine. The friend, Ernst von Fleischl-Marxow, who had been one of Brücke's assistants while Freud was working in Brücke's laboratory, gave up his morphine addiction immediately and replaced it with a voracious appetite for cocaine that contributed to his death in 1891. The episode affected Freud deeply and soured him that contributed to his death in 1891....
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