Albany Plan of Union

Albany Plan of Union - Albany Plan of Union- · In 1754...

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Unformatted text preview: Albany Plan of Union- · In 1754 representatives from several colonies met in Albany, New York, to establish a common defense policy for the frontier and improve relations with the Iroquois. Franklin attended as a delegate and drafted a plan for establishing a common government. The plan was adopted by the convention but then rejected by the legislatures of the colonies. Though the convention failed, it set a precedent for the later Continental Congress, while Franklin's plan became a model for the Articles of Confederation. Autobiography- · The Autobiography, written in several stages in Franklin's later life, is his most famous piece of writing. In it he tells the story of his youth and early career as a printer. The book presents Franklin as a self-made man, someone who succeeded through hard work and good behavior. While Franklin the man certainly was hard working, the image of Franklin presented in the book is idealized. Franklin's story of success of prosperity is the story of the American Dream, which partly explains why the book remains so popular today. of the American Dream, which partly explains why the book remains so popular today....
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