April 10 - saw the creation of the Tennessee Valley...

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Unformatted text preview: April 10, 1933, saw the creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority, probably the most visionary of the planned economy schemes of the New Deal. Senator Norris of Nebraska had long sought a public power project on the Tennessee River, which mushroomed in Congress into a development project for the entire watershed of 640,000 square miles. The project brought low-cost electric power, along with employment, housing, restoration of eroded soil, and reforestation, to a desperately poverty-stricken area. Though the TVA was a hugely successful project, its sot overtones prevented conservatives from ever allowing its expansion beyond the Tennessee River. The most complex product of the Hundred Days Congress was the National Industry Recovery Act, which was meant to help labor, industry, and the unemployed. Although Roosevelt insisted in his second fireside chat that the Act was only a partnership...
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