Around 1585 - Around 1585 it was Walsingham's spy network...

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Unformatted text preview: Around 1585, it was Walsingham's spy network that picked up on Mary Queen of Scots' secret return to Scotland. Ingeniously, Walsingham intercepted the messages she was sending hidden in beer barrels, deciphered them, and unearthed the Babington Plot against Elizabeth. This information proved Mary Queen of Scots' treason, which allowed Elizabeth to sign a death warrant against her. When Leicester reported to Walsingham that Elizabeth had received a letter from the condemned Mary that made her cry, Walsingham got together with Burleigh to push the actual execution through before the Queen had a chance to change her mind. Elizabeth was an especially intelligent ruler. However, many intelligent rulers try to do all the work without assistance and surround themselves with incompetent people who will offer mere sycophantic praise rather than true advice. Elizabeth was not prey to this offer mere sycophantic praise rather than true advice....
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