At the time - At the time Freiberg–now named Príbor and...

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Unformatted text preview: At the time, Freiberg–now named Príbor and located in the Czech Republic–was an industrial town of about 5,000 people located in the Austro-Hungarian Empire approximately 150 miles northeast of Vienna. Jakob Freud's textile business in Freiberg had supported himself and his wife comfortably enough before Sigi's birth, but over the subsequent years it began to fail. This prompted the family's move to Leipzig in 1859 and then to Vienna in 1860. In the meantime, however, the family continued to grow. Jakob Freud had had two grown children, Emmanuel and Philip, by a previous marriage. As a newborn, young Sigismund's was already an uncle: his half-brother's son John, born several years before Sigismund, was one of Sigismund's favorite playmates during the Freiberg years. Later, in the self-analysis he conducted in the late 1890s, Freud realized that his relationship with John had set the pattern for all of his later relationships...
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