Benjamin Franklin was born in a small house on Milk Street in Boston

Benjamin Franklin was born in a small house on Milk Street in Boston

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Benjamin Franklin was born in a small house on Milk Street in Boston, next to the Old  South Church, on January 6, 1706. He was the youngest son of five generations of  youngest sons. He had eleven living brothers and sisters. His father, Josiah Franklin,  made soap and candles for a living. His mother, Abiah, raised the children. According to  Franklin, it was a crowded, noisy, and happy home. When Ben was eight, his father sent him to the South Grammar School (later known as  Boston Latin) to prepare for a life as a minister. After several months, however, Josiah  decided he could not afford it and took Ben out. Soon Ben was back in school, this time  at George Brownell's English School. He finished in 1716 after one year and never went  to school again. Though Ben would have liked to continue, his family was too poor to 
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Unformatted text preview: afford tuition. Instead, he went to work. Josiah sent Ben around to watch several tradesmen, but none of the trades interested Ben. He wanted to go to sea. Instead, Ben ended up as an apprentice to his half-brother James, who was a printer. Ben loved to read and write poetry, so this job seemed as good as any. At the age of twelve he signed an indenture lasting nine years. While learning the trade from James, Ben worked on his writing, copying the style of essays he read in a copy of a magazine. When James started a paper in 1721, called the New England Courant, Ben submitted a series of essays to the magazine under the pseudonym Silence Dogood. The essays made fun of Boston society and became very popular....
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