By 1882 - By 1882 Freud had a medical degree in hand and...

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Unformatted text preview: By 1882, Freud had a medical degree in hand and some hard choices to make. His prospects in Ernst Brücke's lab were not good: although the quality of Freud's research had been above reproach, there were two other assistants in the lab who had seniority and would receive promotions long before Freud. Even if he eventually received a promotion, science was not a particularly lucrative career path. Freud desperately wanted to marry his fiancé, Martha Bernays, who was still in Hamburg with her family. He needed money first, however. Marrying meant supporting himself, Martha, and the children that would almost certainly follow soon after their marriage. Freud's father was in no position to help the young couple–he'd had enough trouble supporting his own family, and funding Freud was out of the question. Indeed, as the years went by, Freud would increasingly be the sole supporter not only of the family...
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