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Elizabet2 - Elizabeth's recognition procession and...

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Unformatted text preview: Elizabeth's recognition procession and coronation took place amidst much pomp and spectacle on January 15, 1559. Glimpsing Elizabeth, the people treated the Queen as their savior. After Mary's fiery persecution of Protestants, Elizabeth's ascension to the throne was cause for celebration. Elizabeth went about the difficult task of reviving the English economy; her predecessors had greatly debased the currency. Also, from the beginning of her reign, Elizabeth had to worry about Mary Queen of Scots and her plots to take control of the English crown. Meanwhile, Philip II, now King of Spain, sent Elizabeth jewels and other presents through the Spanish ambassador, de Feria. Again, Philip expressed interest in marriage with Elizabeth, though demanding that she convert to Catholicism. Elizabeth, as always, deftly avoided an engagement while managing never to offend Philip or to...
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