Even at the height of Imperial Britain

Even at the height of Imperial Britain - Even at the height...

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Unformatted text preview: Even at the height of Imperial Britain's dominance, however, only two-thirds of India was governed directly from London. The rest was held by a collection of traditional Indian potentates, princes, and rajas, some corrupt, others forward- looking, who had sworn allegiance to the British Crown and were allowed a reasonable degree of autonomy in local affairs. It was in one of these princely states that Gandhi was born, educated, and– at the age of thirteen–married, to a local girl of the same age named Kasturbai. Child marriage was–and still is, in some regions–an accepted facet of daily life in India, and while later in life Gandhi would attack the practice as cruel and inhumane, he seems to have welcomed the wedding, and, in his words, "I lost no time in assuming the authority of a husband . . . (she) could not go out without my permission." Needless to say, the of a husband ....
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