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Frankli3 - Franklin's success in dealing with the British...

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Unformatted text preview: Franklin's success in dealing with the British government earned him the respect of colonists across America. In April 1768, Georgia appointed Franklin as its representative in London. New Jersey did the same in November of 1769, and Massachusetts followed suit in October of 1770. Combined with his original job as representative from Pennsylvania, Franklin now looked after the interests of four colonies. Increasingly, he was the voice of America in Britain. Franklin misjudged American opposition to the Stamp Act. It must have surprised him to realize that Americans had grown so hostile to British rule during his time in London. In 1762 to 1762, during the brief interlude between his two missions to Britain, he had been neck-deep in Pennsylvania politics. The Paxton Boys affair and the fight with the proprietors probably kept him busy enough that when he returned to London in 1764, he...
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