Franklin dove into the Revolution with gusto

Franklin dove into the Revolution with gusto - Franklin...

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Unformatted text preview: Franklin dove into the Revolution with gusto. He was idealistic, radical, and energetic. He passionately wanted America to be independent, strong, and united. He hated war, however, and did all he could to bring peace as soon as possible. Franklin led the effort to negotiate with Britain and never stopped hoping that the two countries could remain friends and allies. For the meantime, however, he wanted to help his new country win. His effort to enlist Canada into the war, if had succeeded, might have won the war for America outright, and might have dramatically changed the course of American history. His ideas for American government, had they been adopted, would have created a much more radically democratic and centralized state. It would have looked much more like the government we have today than the government that was eventually created by...
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