Freud desperately wanted to marry his fiancé

Freud desperately wanted to marry his fiancé -...

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Unformatted text preview: Freud desperately wanted to marry his fiancé, Martha Bernays, who was still in Hamburg with her family. He needed money first, however. Marrying meant supporting himself, Martha, and the children that would almost certainly follow soon after their marriage. Freud's father was in no position to help the young couple–he'd had enough trouble supporting his own family, and funding Freud was out of the question. Indeed, as the years went by, Freud would increasingly be the sole supporter not only of the family he was to build with Martha, but also of his aging parents and, until they were married, his younger sisters. Freud was torn between his passion for research and for Martha. If he carried on with the research he loved, he would never make enough money to marry the woman he loved. In 1882, Brücke helped Freud decide, telling him that his prospects the woman he loved....
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