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Freud was impressed by Charcot

Freud was impressed by Charcot - Freud was impressed by...

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Unformatted text preview: Freud was impressed by Charcot's confidence, his flair for public speaking, and his demonstrations of patients' illnesses. Freud returned to Vienna after spending several lackluster weeks in February in Berlin learning about children's diseases from Adolf Baginsky. He was eager to share some of Charcot's conclusions with his colleagues at the Vienna General Hospital. One of those conclusions was somewhat controversial: Charcot believed that men as well as women could have hysteria. The current belief in the field was that hysteria was a woman's disease; the very name "hysteria" is derived from the Greek word for "uterus." Freud received a less than warm reception when he gave a presentation on hysteria in the fall of 1886. From the records it does not appear that it was quite as stunning a rejection as Freud himself remembered it to be, but in any...
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