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Discussion 4 B - Miranda Massey April 2 2008 Does Earth...

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Miranda Massey April 2, 2008 Does Earth Predict the Future? Speaker A: Lonnie Leithold’s research supports the theory that by examining soil sediments and layers in the Earth’s surface historic variations of climate, carbon dioxide levels, sea levels, and animal/plant life a pattern can be established. From this pattern scientists may be able to determine what is in store for the future. Speaker B: While we maybe able to see manifestations of the past in the soil and layers of Earth, current actions and preventive measures should not be based on this information. Unprecedented natural disasters like the 2005 South Asian tsunami will occur, we should be taking measures to be prepared in an unforeseen disaster like this whether there is record of such event in the past or not. Earth is entirely unpredictable and we live on edge, evacuating at the drop of a hat, simply because we believe a tsunami, earthquake, volcano or glacier melting is going to happen in the next one- hundred years.
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