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Unformatted text preview: In Brücke's laboratory, Freud worked on brain anatomy and histology. His most important project was determining whether a certain kind of nerve cell in frogs was the same kind found in humans, or whether there were essential differences between the nerve cells of humans and "lower" animals. This project had relevance to an ongoing debate that had been sparked by Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species, published some twenty years earlier: is humanity above the laws of nature, or subject to them like any other living organism? Freud's work in Brücke's lab showed that the human and frog spinal neurons cells were of the same type. In a small way, Freud thus contributed to Darwin's quest to show that humans were genetically and historically linked to all other animals on earth. Later, Freud would claim that his own discovery– psychoanalysis–was animals on earth....
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